COVID-19 Update

Keeping our employees and passengers safe and healthy is our top priority at First Transit and First Vehicle Services.

In the wake of the ongoing news coverage and concerns about COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, we wanted to update you on what we are doing to help ensure we provide a safe, healthy operating environment.

  1. We have enhanced our cleaning procedures by increasing our steps for clean and hygienic workspaces. 
  2. In order to protect each other, we are promoting the avoidance of close contact, and thorough, efficient handwashing.
  3. We are constantly evaluating closely monitoring the CDC and WHO for any updated information we can bring to the field. 
  4. We are having daily operations meetings and security meetings to stay informed, and make updates to our procedures as necessary. In addition, we are performing safety training meetings virtually.
  5. In order to protect our operators, passengers are entering the bus through the rear exit of the vehicles at several locations. And in some instances, we are only providing single passenger rides. 
  6. As a commitment to our clients, riders, and the communities we serve, we have assisted in transporting meal prep bags and other necessities within the communities we serve.

First Transit and First Vehicle Services will continue to actively monitor the ongoing situation and follow the direction of the CDC as we do in all matters of public health, to keep our employees and passengers safe and healthy.

If you have questions regarding our COVID-19 response please contact our media relations department.

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