Success Story: City of Arlington

City of Arlington FVS

Summary of the Client

The City of Arlington has a diverse fleet consisting of over 1,200 vehicles and pieces of equipment, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, police and fire response, administrative vans and sedans, forklifts, off-road and alternative-fuel vehicles.


The Challenge

In September 2017, First Vehicle Services was awarded the fleet maintenance operation at the City of Arlington in Arlington Heights, Texas. This location posed several challenges to the First Vehicles Services transition team.

Short-Term Goals
  1. Diverse fleet means extensive technician training to be completed in order to maintain service continuity
  2. The City had two existing (2) fleet maintenance facilities, both of which were far below First Vehicle Services safety, environmental, and cleanliness standards and needed weeks’ worth of attention before the shop was suitable to maintain the city’s fleet
  3. Current workforce offered positions
  4. Replace/ fill additional positions
  5. Purchase/replace existing parts inventory 

The Arlington fleet maintenance facilities were not up to First Vehicle Services standards, presenting a significant challenge to the transition team, who only had a few days to prepare the space for continued use. The keys to the facility were surrendered to our staff on a Friday evening, at the close of business, and the shop was set to begin operation under First Vehicle Services that Monday.

Long-Term Goals
  1. First Vehicle Services facilities are among the most-awarded in the industry, with 67 ASE Blue Seal-Recognized facilities and Bronze/Silver/Gold-Designated Lean Maintenance Shops. The process to earn these prestigious recognitions is time-consuming and involves every staff member employed at that location.
  2. Changing the current employee culture
  3. Meet or exceed contract standards for the City of Arlington

The Solution


Every member of the transition team, including Region Vice President George Cavelle, spent the next several days transforming the facility into an ‘FVS Facility,’ but had to work very quickly in order to avoid jeopardizing the continuity of service to the City. 

The team emptied the entire shop and pressure-washed all the tools and equipment, as well as the garage itself. All of the walls received a fresh coat of paint, and the floor stripes were repainted. The staff installed new eye wash stations and sewer drains. 

Cavelle knew the importance of being on the front line with the workforce who would continue to run the shop after the transition was complete. He was the first to jump into the oil disposal pit to clean it out; it was clear that the job hadn’t been done in several years. The technicians jumped in after him to help, taking ownership of the cleanliness of their fleet maintenance shop. 

Measurable Results

“[All the members of George’s team] are always in contact with the City of Arlington. I have seen them 4 times in 90 days! [They] are always there to provide any assistance and [are] quick to respond to the City of Arlington’s needs.”
City of Arlington Customer Feedback during Contract Startup, 2018
After more than two (2) years of partnership with First Vehicle Services, the City of Arlington continues to report positive feedback and exceeding all contract standards and client expectations. Not only did we prevent a very possible interruption in service, First Vehicle Services continues to offer cost savings and increased fleet availability and shop safety initiatives to the City.

In the most recent First Vehicle Services Client Satisfaction Survey, completed in February 2020, the City of Arlington rated the Overall quality of relationship with the City and its staff as well as the Technical and operational support to the City at a 10.0 out of 10.0. 

First Vehicle Services is proud of our relationship with the City Arlington and we look forward to a long, successful contract partnership.