Why Outsource

Why Outsource Your Fleet Management and Maintenance Services?

Private companies and government fleet operations alike are under pressure to cut costs and outsource non core-business functions like fleet maintenance operations. Outsourcing to realize direct cost reductions is undeniably attractive, but there are also longer-term cost savings you can achieve. When considering outsourced fleet management and maintenance with First Vehicle Services, we help you analyze overall budget impact by looking at both direct and indirect maintenance cost savings over your 3 - 5 year plan.

Fleet management and maintenance are not your core business functions – they're ours. As ancillary activities to the everyday tasks of running businesses, municipalities, and county governments, let us help you realize the direct benefits of outsourcing your fleet. The benefits of outsourcing maintenance can be tied to measurable and intrinsic results:

  1. Measurable, increased efficiencies. Outsourcing your fleet maintenance and management provides a variety of fleet and non-fleet efficiencies. Although efficiencies will vary based on your current maintenance management systems, clients often realize reduced time spent on their fleet so they can focus on core business activities. Benefits include increased fleet availability, improved reliability, greater cash flow, and enhanced productivity. We review your fleet and business goals and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that ensure your success. Meeting and exceeding these KPI's become the foundation for our partnership.
  2. Improved company focus. Outsourcing fleet services ensures a company's focus stays on its core business. As companies spend more time and money enhancing the quality, service, and speed of their existing in-house fleet operations, they lose sight of their core products and services. As non-core functions take precedence, efficiency, productivity and profitability decrease. With First Vehicle Services, you achieve your fleet successes, maintain administrative control, and return your focus to your core business.
  3. Reduced fleet operating costs. Organizations that try to do everything themselves may incur higher parts costs and expenses. First Vehicle Services customers can take advantage of purchasing power and best practices to achieve fleet maintenance economies of scale they wouldn't otherwise realize. Our customers see an average savings up to 30% or more on parts procurement costs. Additionally, we purchase and manage fleet parts inventory, eliminating inventory carrying costs.
  4. Improved human resource productivity
    • Reduced head count. Outsourcing maintenance operations is one of the quickest, most effective methods to manage human resource requirements. First Vehicle Services has a comprehensive transition plan that can provide employment opportunities for existing staff that meet our hiring qualifications. Our benefits, training, and advancement opportunities assist with employee retention during a transition.
    • Redirected resources. Outsourcing fleet maintenance provides companies with the opportunity to redirect personnel and financial resources from non-core activities to your company's core business.
    • More and better services. Many companies outsource because they do not have the required resources within the company. When you outsource, First Vehicle Services provides the necessary personnel, expertise, shop equipment, and training so companies can provide their drivers with more services than they previously offered. From 'quick-fix' repairs to automatic messaging when a vehicle is required for preventative maintenance – our personalized services enhance driver/user satisfaction levels.
  5. Improved accuracy. You have greater visibility into fleet and user metrics when fleet maintenance and management functions are assumed by an expert. Additionally, First Vehicle Services can benchmark your fleet metrics against similar fleets to help with driver training and education, or fuel and vehicle purchasing decisions.
  6. Access to national fleet maintenance expertise. First Vehicle Services makes extensive and ongoing investments in our maintenance technology, people, and processes/methodologies. This is evidenced in our ISO processes, our proprietary Fleet Management Information System - FMIS (CMMS), OSHA VPP participation, and training and education programs. We have over 25 years of expertise working with many companies and municipalities of all sizes who have had similar challenges. Our clients leverage the breadth and depth of our fleet management and maintenance knowledge.
  7. Improved service and satisfaction. Increased fleet scheduling flexibility, enhanced parts availability, quicker turnaround on repairs, and improved reliability are just a few examples of the improved service your drivers receive. Higher levels of satisfaction are part of our overall fleet maintenance package.
  8. Improved quality. Our quality assurance processes have been honed over decades of providing fleet maintenance and management services. Our experience, combined with our ISO processes, has resulted in our implementation of some of the strictest standards in the industry.
  9. Reduced capital investment. When you contract your fleet maintenance, you reduce the need to invest your capital funds in non-core business functions. Additionally, more stringent and timely maintenance improves vehicle lifecycles and reduces or eliminates the need for "spare" vehicles.
  10. Increased cash flow. Increased fleet utilization ultimately results in a reduction in operating costs. First Vehicle Services carries all parts and inventory costs so you don't pay for a part until it's used on your fleet.
  11. Increase control. We establish a partnership with our customers. You manage us from the highest levels by telling us what you need; we maintain the daily regimen and take care of the things that need to get done.
  12. Reduced risk. The facility and vehicle risks associated with fleet maintenance operations include, but are not limited to, OSHA, EPA, DOT, and various federal, state, and local laws. First Vehicle Services not only works to keep you compliant, but also monitors the fluctuating changes in regulations and technologies required to maintain compliance. We make environmental and technological investments on behalf of all our customers so both your risks and expenses are reduced.
  13. Reduced overhead. When you outsource, you not only reduce headcount, you reduce overhead as well. Payroll processing, human resource assistance, and other back-office functions can be eliminated and your staff can turn their focus to enhancing the profitability of your core competency.
  14. More accurate information. You run your business with financial and operational goals. You should have the same goals for your fleet. We provide 24/7 access to the KPI's that keep you moving. From total operating costs, to maintenance and repair costs, to vehicle utilization, downtime, and repair turnaround - it's all a click away.

Learn more about outsourcing and how to take advantage of our professional fleet maintenance and management resources. We'll design a maintenance services plan that will fit your unique needs, and let you get back to business. Contact us now!