Government and Municipal Services

Law Enforcement, Fire Apparatus, Rescue, and Other Government Fleets

Reliable, efficient, and effective public services are the foundation for a well-operated, safe, and peaceful community. First Vehicle Services rigorous fleet maintenance programs are designed with your specific fleet requirements and operator demands in mind. With First Vehicle Services, you can expect a safe, reliable, and available fleet for everyday use – that’s our promise to you.

First Vehicle Services keeps a diverse fleet of municipal vehicles on the road daily. We understand that everything is critical to providing quality community services from light- and medium-duty vehicles, aerial lifts, trash compactors, and construction units. You can trust First Vehicle Services to ensure availability of your vehicles and equipment at a moment's notice.

Law Enforcement

At First Vehicle Services, we manage more than 9,000 law enforcement units across the country for communities of all sizes. This includes a diverse range of fleet vehicles including sedans, motorcycles, command buses, armored personnel carriers, prisoner transport units, marine rescue boats and more. Our proven approach and professional technicians keep these units running at optimum efficiency. Our stringent preventive maintenance and fleet management programs are designed for these challenges.

Fire and Emergency

As the preferred leader in fire and EMS fleet management services, you can count on First Vehicle Services to keep your vehicles ready at all times. Our professional teams of Certified and Master Certified EVTs (Emergency Vehicle Technicians) maintain nearly 1,000 fire and rescue vehicles on behalf of cities and counties through the U.S. We also manage rescue equipment and a diverse range of command, inspection and support vehicles.

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Valley Metro RPTA - Fixed Route Page

City of Fort Wayne and First Vehicle Services: Working Together for a Quality Fleet Management Operation

First Vehicle Services continually drives improvements in operational efficiencies and cost reductions for Fort Wayne’s fleet.

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