FAQ – Your Fleet Maintenance Questions Answered

Q. How can First Vehicle Services deliver cost savings to my business or fleet operation?

A. First Vehicle Services' corporate buying power and aggressively negotiated parts contracts immediately improve our customers' bottom lines. Additionally, First Vehicle Services fleet operating efficiencies can reduce fleet counts, extend vehicle lifecycles, and reduce overall costs.

Another benefit is our extensive regional and corporate management support. Your overhead costs for hiring, training, procurement, and IT personnel are eliminated because we have our own dedicated, experienced management support team that provides national and regional support.

Q. What is captive shop onsite fleet maintenance?

A. Fleet maintenance is performed in your facility by First Vehicle Services technicians. The facility is managed and the equipment is maintained by First Vehicle Services, ensuring that you continue to maximize the investment you've already made in your facility.

Q. Can First Vehicle Services maintain an entire fleet of diverse vehicle types and yard equipment?

A. First Vehicle Services leads the fleet maintenance industry in diverse fleet experience. We have the knowledge and skill to maintain your entire fleet – from sedans, light duty trucks, emergency response units and fire apparatus to medium and heavy duty trucks, earth movers, specialized equipment, and cranes. We also maintain small equipment, as well as alternative fueled vehicles that help reduce your carbon footprint.


Q. What happens to the fleet employees when I outsource?

A. We hire them! It not only makes good business sense to hire the technicians already familiar with your fleet, but we also believe it’s the right thing to do. We have an extensive fleet technician transition plan that provides training and certifications such as ASE, EVT, and other continuing education programs.

All existing employees have the opportunity to complete an interview. Our hiring process includes drug testing, background checks, and a multi-step interview process that ensures the highest quality technicians available are maintaining your fleet.

Q. Do you provide maintenance services for public or private fleet operations?

A. Both. We provide customized fleet solutions to numerous types and varying sizes of fleet operations, including governments, school districts, private fleets, petrochemical, food and beverage, universities, airports, and utilities.

Q. Do you handle parts procurement?

A. Yes. We have unrivalled buying power through our Corporate Purchasing Agreements with over 100 quality vendors representing 120,000 unique parts. Our procurement specialists normally achieve vehicle and parts savings of 30% or more from previous costs.

Q. What happens to my current and ongoing inventory?

A. We can purchase your active, non-obsolete inventory at book value prior to the commencement of the contract. All parts are then input into our proprietary Fleet Maintenance Information System and are continuously monitored for supply replenishment.

Q. How do you track your fleet maintenance?

A. We have our own proprietary Fleet Maintenance Information System that monitors and provides reporting on a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other critical fleet data. Our web-based system is available 24/7 for immediate reports and updates.

Q. What do you do with the existing shop equipment when you are in a customer's facility?

A. We lease your building and existing equipment. We also bring equipment of our own to make your maintenance facility as self-contained and productive as possible. We maintain your equipment using the same stringent preventive maintenance methodologies that we utilize on your vehicle and equipment fleet.

Q. What types of parts do you use on my vehicles?

A. First Vehicle Services furnishes high-quality parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications. If you want something new or different, talk to us. We have experience with everything from specialized lubricants to cryogenic parts so we can provide advice as well as supply and install the parts.

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