Industry Leading Fleet Maintenance Technology

A Fleet Management Information System (FMIS, commonly referred to as Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS) is a powerful tool and an integral part of a well-run maintenance facility. First Vehicle Services can provide our proprietary FMIS program or support your existing system to help maximize the return on your fleet assets.

First Vehicle Services' fleet software system offers unparalleled flexibility and power in the tracking, reporting and analysis of mission-critical fleet data including fleet assets, maintenance history, inventory, warranties, labor and material costs, and related data. Our FMIS is a web-based asset lifecycle management application optimized for the needs of fleet managers. Key program features include:

Fleet Data Tracking and Collection

  • Tracks the movement of goods for asset and maintenance management

Graphing and Reporting

  • Generates performance indicators in numerous graph formats
  • Provides database views of system data and works with external report applications
  • Controls work order processes for routine maintenance, response maintenance and preventive maintenance
  • Determines cause and effect relationship and provides a full range of diagnostic tests

Materials Management

  • Streamlines parts and material management by continuously monitoring inventory online and identifying items to be requisitioned

Workflow and Order Processing

  • Provides streamlined quotations, requisitions, purchasing and work request/work order processes

FMIS system ease of use and monitoring capabilities means that we can quickly begin analyzing key fleet information and make informed decisions faster. All data modules are fully compliant with VMRS coding. Fleet information that can be analyzed and managed are:

  • Asset Performance Reporting.
    Real-time, on-screen reports in several industry-standard categories plus reporting on metrics such as costs per vehicle, location and equipment type.
  • Computerized Auto Task Scheduling for Preventive Maintenance (PM).
    Preventive Maintenance (PM) is automatically scheduled based on work order timelines and processes defined by vehicle or asset class. Scheduling precision reduces vehicle downtime by ensuring regular PMs while allowing for escalation of critical repairs.
  • Commercial/Vendor Services.
    Information about fleet repair standards, agreed-to pricing, discount structures, warranties, work orders and invoicing.
  • Fuel Management.
    Our FMIS program easily integrates with leading computerized fuel-management systems.
  • Warranty and Recall Management.
    Warranties, recall campaigns and related data are easily managed and reported. For instance, we can query the database by VIN for units affected by specific recalls and issue appropriate work orders.
  • Parts Inventory.
    Comprehensive parts inventory data management that supports costing, purchasing, inventory tracking and transfer of location-level data.